Q: Is it true that using DR.PAY to settle my medical treatment fee and I will not be charged for loan interest nor handling?

A: It is true if you visit DR.PAY’s contracted clinics or hospitals, your bill of medical treatments can be settled by installments at zero interest-rate and without any handling fee. DR.PAY promises you taking quality medical services with peace of mind.

Q: What is the difference between DR.PAY and Credit Card?

A: What DR.PAY provides is more than Credit Card or other payment methods. Firstly, DR.PAY rates the patient for clinics by analyzing patient’s health records, social credits, and financial credits. Secondly, DR.PAY provides larger credit amount to the patient than Credit Card can offer in average. Thirdly, DR.PAY will track and recover the installments back in full to our clients with necessary legitimate means.

Q: How much that DR.PAY can cover my medical bill? And how long I need to pay back?

A: According to patient’s credit rating given by DR.PAY, each patient has certain amount and installment period.