Our Vision

Real Fin Technology focuses on developing innovative Fintech applications for the Healthcare service. With integration of Blockchain, Health Bigdata Credit Rating, Bio-ID technologies, we are determined to be the top operator of the Cloud-based Fintech Platform to support clinical quality medical services and to relieve patient’s financial burdens.

Founder’s Profile

Jason Chen, Co-Founder

Yuanta Life Insurance Co. Chief Compliance Officer

Specialized in FinTech product planning

Adolf Tsai,  Co-Founder and CEO

 17 years of work experience of insurance product design

 Specialized in Actuary and related product planning


 Dr. Josh Huang, Co-Founder and CTO

20 years work experience in the IT industry

10 years dedication in healthcare industry

Specialized in health bigdata and cloud computing


Eric Huang, Co-Founder and COO

10 years of work experience in the IT industry

7 years work experience as the IT reporter

3 years work experience in the P2P business

Specialized in Marking and Communication