TA#2 Taiwan Summit and Demo Day

Taiwan Accelerator” will be hosting “TA #2 Taiwan Summit & Demo Day” at the China Petroleum Building conference room (Songren 3rd Road, Xing-yi district, New Taipei City) with welcoming arms to inform you to participate.

If you have not been able to participate the “TA #1 Event,” do not miss out this Summit. There will be symposiums with many famous guests from the industry to share and discuss about how to successfully expand Taiwan’s start-up companies overseas. The program will continue with “Demo Day” introducing their start-up’s edition 2 team in hopes of your support and joining to help them receive more funds and opportunities of cooperation.

This issues’ “Taiwan Accelerator” team selected various applicants from the 152 recipients to go through primaries, second elimination, TA School, finals, repechage and made great performance. Those includes, agricultural science and technology, Biotechnology, smart lifestyle, Internet of Things, Financial technology, Block chain, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, new retail, and e-commerce. They all have great potentials, and more inspiring, many teams are well prepared to expand overseas and becoming worldwide companies.

In the progress of the TA Camp #2, the first issue of “Taiwan Accelerator” also brought great news of informing their new fund raising in reaching one billion NTD in the first round of funding. The company has an estimate of a 470 percent increment within the past six months while a part of the team is moving their way to overseas market.

“Taiwan Accelerator” will maintain their spirit of  “Give resource, help funding, and march forward courageously” in continuing with supporting and guiding all the teams’ connection with market funding to the fullest.

After Taiwan’s “Demo Day,” we will bring our team to Silicon Valley (Sponsored by Google) and Singapore to host seminars in sharing Taiwan’s new start-up to investors and the media overseas. “Taiwan Accelerator” will continue to work on connecting local start-ups to the worldwide capital market. We sincerely look forward to your coming and support in helping all the entrepreneurs to be successful!

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